Ahmad Bilal

Ahmad Bilal

Let’s Do This!


👋 Hello out there. Just in case you haven’t perceived already, I am Ahmad Bilal. This happens to be my first post for this blog. Let’s do this, shall we?

To start with, I had to choose a domain name for my first personal blog. Having realized that my name wasn’t exactly rare, it took some time. Some rightly say that giving names is one of the two hardest things in Computer Science. Anyhow, thanks to my brother, I soon got lucky enough to find a befitting one (ahmadbilal.dev).  Now, let me introduce myself briefly.

At the time of this writing, I am a Computer Science student and an aspiring Web Developer. With that said, my primary focus at the moment is WordPress as a learning platform.

Back in the day, I was a curious kid. I was interested in anything that was related to software and web. I was eight when after learning web development, I created my first website.

In the process, I was inspired by many, with the biggest inspiration being my elder brother Ahmad Awais. I would watch him doing stuff on computers, only to repeat the same later. His work fascinated me, and I spawned an obsession. Fast-forward ten years, and I have recognized Computer Science as the profession of my choice.

I can’t think of a particular niche as of now. Nonetheless, granted that it is my personal blog, I will be sharing my projects, what I learn, how I learn, things that worked fine and things that didn’t. Hopefully, people can learn from what I go through. Watch this space!

Peace! ✌️

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